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Q: When is orientation?

A: Orientation Week 2022 will take place from Monday September 5th to Saturday September 10th. Orientation events will be happening for the full day from Monday, Sept 5th to Wednesday, Sept 7th. We will have smaller events after classes on Thursday, Sept 8th and Friday, Sept 9th. There will again be a full day of events on Saturday, Sept 10th. check out the schedule for more information!

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Q: Who can attend Woodsworth Orientation?

A: Woodsworth Orientation is open to all incoming  students at the University of Toronto.

Q: Do I get food at orientation?

A: YES! Food will be provided throughout orientation week as a part of your orientation package. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions we should be aware of in the ticketing form. You can email orientation@mywcsa if you forgot to mention anything in the ticketing form.

Q: How do I get to the orientation events?

A: You only need to worry about getting yourself to Woodsworth College every day! Most events will be taking place on campus and we provide transportation from Woodsworth to all off-campus events.

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Q: What else do we get from orientation?

A: Other than some amazing, long-lasting friendships, and lots of fun - Orientation provides you with so much more. Orientation offers the knowledge of where your classes are and opportunities to join clubs and meet their execs. You’ll also get a free t-shirt and a kit which includes a string bag, water bottle, student discounts, Woodsworth swag and a whole lot more!

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Q: What is WCSA?

A: WCSA stands for the Woodsworth College Students' Association. WCSA is made up of elected representatives who serve and advocate for Woodsworth College students. WCSA offers a variety of events throughout the year such as the annual Red Party, and the weekly WCSA Wednesdays where you can get some free pancakes (also taking place during Orientation week).

Q: Who is Shaver?

A: Shaver is Woodsworth’s mascot who is very eager to meet you. You will find Shaver roaming around the college during Orientation Week. Make sure to stop and say hi!

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Q: Do I need to bring anything to orientation?

A: Other than any allergy medication, or things you bring with you everywhere, there is nothing specific you need to bring to Orientation. On the first day of Orientation during the registration process students will receive an Orientation kit, which will contain useful tools to ensure a successful Orientation. Please visit our schedule to find out more information about specific events.

Q: Do I have to participate?

A: Participation in all Orientation events is completely optional. We encourage everyone to participate in any and all events they are comfortable with - or get out of your comfort zone and try something new. However, if you don’t want to participate in an activity, that’s no big deal!

Q: What if I have accessibility accommodations?

A: If you have any accommodations please indicate them when you register. Woodsworth maintains its extensive efforts to accommodate all students with accessibility needs. We ask that you please notify us at of these accommodations at least 2 weeks prior to orientation to give us sufficient time to properly accommodate you.

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Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

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Orientation Coordinators

For general orientation matters, please contact the Orientation Coordinators at 
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Registration Director

If you have questions related to registration, please contact 
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